why red?

I've been thinking a lot lately about the color red. Alarming, intense, exotic, glowing, raging, warm, passionate, heated, romantic, revolutionary, ideological — there are so many ways to look at red beyond its visual manifestations. I am using red as a focus of my work in 2020, with the emphasis on a daily practice of creating a palette of dye formulas for yarn.

I have been dyeing yarn and fiber for a number of years, and have always strongly gravitated to reds. In the past, I have always used the more widely available professional acid dyes, but upgraded to Lanaset dyes this year. They are more permanent, washfast and lightfast, even when felting in very hot water. They are considerably more complicated to use, and I will need to reformulate all of my colors, but I was planning to create a wide range of repeatable shades, so this is an excellent time to change.

2020 is the year to create with red, sew and knit with red, wear red.

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