• Ellen Kardell

Summer Peaches

An elusive color for me. I'm trying to recreate something in my head, a 'faded', or toned down peach color. Peach is a color I use a lot in sewing, clothing, and wall paint color, but it's been hard to recreate on wool. It's a color that looks great on everyone, so the time invested will be worth it. This is close, but not quite there.

Base yarns: 256 gram batch consisting of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride 85/15% wool/mohair, Lanaloft 100% wool and 2 ply New Zealand Rug Yarn, 100% wool. I've settled on these three + a loop mohair as my main test yarn bases. While I personally love the rustic nature of the Briggs and Little Sport single ply and will continue to work with it, I don't think US knitters "get" the beauty of it.

Lanaset dyes used: 703 Orange, 707 Brown, 704 Red, and 708 Grey.

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